Varicocele (in Bengali)
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Varicocele (in Bengali)

Language: Bengali

Instructors: Dr Prabir Basu

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Why this course?


Varicocele is a burning health issue affecting a large chunk of young male population. In severe cases it causes low testosterone issues , erectile dysfunction and Infertility , not to mention the irritating pain in scrotum which is often the most common presentation.

The biggest problem is lack of awareness in the general population which causes a huge burden in efficient healthcare solutions to this common problem.

This is a unique course in the sense that, the instructor , himself a certified Andrologist and widely acclaimed practitioner , describes the core concepts in lucid bengali dialect to make things very easy to understand - especially those who have least ideas about medical terms.

Course Curriculum

introduction to the awareness course on Varicocele (2:00)
what is a Varicocele ? (9:00)
Common symptoms of Varicoceles (3:00)
Varicoceles cause Infertility (4:00)
Erectile Dysfunction & Varicocele (6:00)
Common lifestyle modifications in management of Varicoceles
diet & varicoceles
medical treatment of varicoceles
Role of Surgery in Varicoceles
Varicoceles in Adolescent age group
Commonly asked questions by a typical Varicocele patient

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